Moxa and cupping

Moxa is a herb that is used to warm and nourish the body. The herb used is called mugwart and can be used as a stick or small cones. Moxa cones are heated on a specific point whereas a moxa stick is used over an area of the body e.g. lower back or abdomen. Moxa is a comforting and nourishing treatment that penetrates warmth deep into the body.

Cupping is the use of glass suction cups to increase blood circulation and clear pathogens out the body. It can leave a temporary red or purple mark on the skin. This is a good sign and it indicates that a pathogen is clearing from the body. Cupping is often used for painfull, swollen joints and to clear head colds.

Electro acupuncture: Occasionally it is beneficial to use electro acupuncture for certain conditions. Patients report a very subtle vibration or pulsing feeling on the needle similar to the feeling of a tens machine. Pateints are always in control of how strong they want this sensation to be so that it is always comfortable. Electro acupuncture is particualrly good at treating muscular skeleton conditions, hemiplegia (one-sided paralysis) following severe strokes as well as muscle spasms, inflammation, nerve damage and extreme joint pain.